Our Team

Daniel DOBOS, PhD

Technology & Innovation
Daniel is a particle physicist with a 15 year career at CERN working on detectors, project and innovation management, as well as large-scale data acquisition and analysis.


Strategic Vision
Tina is a mathematician with a 30 year global career in Financial Services, followed by UN hosted project on Impact Investing. Tina has always used data and technology to drive bespoke client solutions.


Karolos is a Research Fellow at DESY working on the ATLAS Experiment at CERN. He studied engineering and business administration at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and physics at Purdue University.

Steve HAMM

ESG Proposition
Steve's professional career has taken on a variety of roles and sectors from social enterprise and innovation to financial services consultancy, international development and venture capital.

Patrick SEAL

Head of Delivery
Patrick is Head of Delivery focussed on project realisation for our commercial customers. With 30 years experience in technology roles (IBM and EY) delivering genuinely progressive change programmes.

Kristiane NOVOTNY, PhD

Data Scientist
Digital-savvy, passionate, and motivated Data Scientist who combines her talent to analyze data sets and her strong will to make a positive impact in people’s life.


Quantum Computing
Cenk is a MSc student at Middle East Technical University (METU). He is working on Quantum Machine Learning applications in High Energy Physics.

Michael Denyer

Software Engineer
Michael is a computer scientist and a bioinformatician. Over his 20 year career, he has worked in roles centred on software development, IT management and bioinformatics within Financial Services, Healthcare, and Life Sciences.


Hans is studying science communication at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Before his time at gluoNNet, he was working in communications for CERN and also for Siemens.

Maisie Marshall

Software Engineer
Maisie is a MPhys Physics graduate from the University of Surrey. During her research year she worked on directional radiation detectors, and gained experience using techniques such as machine learning.