Make complexity irrelevant The World Needs Better Answers aviatio Applying analysis methods that originated in particle physics on aviation data,
optimising flight tracks, aircraft behaviour, and flight efficiency.
vestment ESG i impact Highlighting the relationship between ESG factors
and financial performance, making investments more impactful.
data visualisatio Developing innovative data-visualisation
techniques such as ‘Document Galaxies’.
R&D collaboration with scientific i stitutions Investigating quantum-computing applications for data analysis through
cutting-edge R&D collaboration with CERN openlab and the Middle East Technical University.
ovation accelerating i Accelerating innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing;
developing event solutions and organising hackathons.

gluoNNet is a big data enterprise start-up founded by CERN physicists and finance experts. We work across both nonprofit social enterprise and commercial sectors, providing tools that generate evidence-based analysis in order to facilitate effective and efficient decision-making.

Concealed in numbers, your data holds invaluable insights.
We help you to unlock your data’s full potential.





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