EVAC project

Big Data, Curated, Machine Learning


The UNICEF initiative ‘Ending violence against children’ (EVAC) by 2030 is among the most important goals for children in the SDGs. Based on the “Tracking Official Development Assistance (ODA) to end violence against children” Development Initiative (DI) report, violence against girls and boys is a global problem that affects every country of the world, cutting across boundaries of age, race, culture, wealth and geography. EVAC (end violence against children) projects are battling violence towards children on a global scale.

In this project, we analysed and visualised the flow of donations for EVAC-related projects.

EVAC is a cross-cutting policy issue, with spending on EVAC being distributed among a wide variety of developmental and humanitarian activities. The lack of systematic tracking poses difficulties for any effort to end violence against children. It is difficult to assess the extent to which donors are prioritising EVAC versus other issues.

Using our data-analysis tools, we identified how the money is being spent and mapped it to the respective EVAC projects, highlighting the trends. This delivers a dynamic overview of what is happening and where. The results are getting more precise as new data becomes available. 

Our solution revealed the trends of aid being spent on projects, also how do donors use their money to address this issue. This allows EVAC to target its donor base more effectively and ensure a more committed, sustainable, and impactful donor relationship.