The Future of Virtual Events – Join the discussion and networking session

As the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly tapers off, normality returns to our lives. That is also true for the events sector. In countries like Israel or New Zealand, weddings, concerts, church services, school classes, business meetings, etc., are taking place on-site again. Gradually, more countries will likely follow.

However, for the past couple of months, many of us were getting together in virtual spaces. Home office and remote classrooms became the default for millions of people since videoconferencing platforms were the only means of meeting safely. This circumstance did not only change our perspective on remote work and remote collaboration, but it also gave rise to numerous innovations in the events sector such as the online hackathon, virtual event platforms, or live-directed webcasts.

So how will the virtual events sector develop in a post-pandemic world? Are people now used to or fed up with virtual events? Will they establish themselves as an alternative to on-site events? Or will they fall back into a marginal existence? Are there event types more suitable to be carried out online? Everyone is invited to join our virtual discussion and networking session “The Future of Virtual Events” on Friday, 4 June 2021 at 4 pm CEST to discuss these and many more questions with experts in the field.

After a brief welcome session with the whole audience, experts and participants will be able to discuss the questions and get to know each other in small groups of 4. After a couple of minutes, the groups will be re-shuffled to allow experts and participants to meet and discuss with many other fellow attendees.

To join the free event, follow this link: https://app.eu.veertly.com/v/future-virtual-events

Please check out our info slide deck for the agenda, the protocol of the discussion and networking, the expert list, and further information.

Please note: for both platforms, Veertly and RemotelyGreen, participants will have to register (free) in order to take part.  This can be done with  few clicks following these links:

  1. https://app.veertly.com/login/register
  2. https://app.remotely.green/login

Date: May 27, 2021
AUTHOR: Hans Baechle
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Conference, Event, Hackathon

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Nice article on the future on virtual events. Nowadays virtual events play a vital role in remotely executing conferences, seminars, webinars.

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