“Collaboration is key” – great organisational interplay ensures successful facilitation of the Davos Digital Forum 2021 Health Edition

During his talk at this year’s Davos Digital Forum Health Edition, Dr. Andrea Michael Meyer, Country Lead of Sanofi Switzerland, concisely highlighted one of the most important aspects in the field of medicine: “Collaboration is key.” And as the Davos Digital Forum (DDF), Veertly, and gluoNNet have proven, when it comes to online events, this applies as well. The three organisations joined forces in order to facilitate the Davos Digital Forum’s Health Edition online on 28 January. The DDF team around Dr. Petra Arends-Paltzer and Marcin Zielinski had created once more a versatile programme of keynotes and workshops presented by top-notch speakers, giving insights into the digitalisation of medicine and health care with its cutting-edge technologies as well as its chances and challenges. The talks addressed a wide range of topics, such as digital therapeutics, data ethics, artificial intelligence, med-tech start-ups, and much more. While CureVac CEO Dr. Ingmar Hoerr talked about his company’s pioneer work in Covid-19 vaccination research, Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram gave an inspiring personal account of her work as an entrepreneur in women’s-healthcare applications in Pakistan. After the talks, the presenters answered questions from the audience.

Veertly and gluoNNet were responsible for the event’s technical facilitation. Veertly provided the participants with their virtual event platform, enabling easy access to both live-streams and lively discussions in the platform’s chat rooms. As for DDF’s previous event in September, gluoNNet prepared and directed the live-streams, delivering the audience a slick, TV-grade experience. Up to 200 people were following the two live-streams at the same time. “G’day from Melbourne”, “Good morning from Sao Paolo, Brazil”, “Hello from Frankfurt/ Germany” – people working in digital health connected from all over the globe to see the talks and exchange ideas.


The screenshot shows a gluoNNet-directed workshop on the Veertly event platform – Davos Digital Forum 2021 Health Edition


Given the event’s success, the three organisations are looking into further possibilities to cooperate. “The DDF Health Edition has shown that the interplay between DDF, Veertly, and gluoNNet works fantastically and bears a lot of potential,” says Daniel Dobos, CEO of gluoNNet. “The resonance from the audience was very positive. We already have some ideas regarding future projects and are excited about further collaborations with Veertly and the Davos Digital Forum.”

To re-watch the talks of this year’s Davos Digital Forum Health Edition, check the following link.

Date: Feb 19, 2021
AUTHOR: Hans Baechle
Conference, Event

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