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The Future of Virtual Events – Join the discussion and networking session

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As the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly tapers off, normality returns to our lives. That is also true for the events sector. In countries like Israel or New Zealand, weddings, concerts, church services, school classes, business meetings, etc., are taking place on-site again. Gradually, more countries will likely follow.

However, for the past couple of months, many of us were getting together in virtual spaces. Home office and remote classrooms became the default for millions of people since videoconferencing platforms were the only means of meeting safely. This circumstance did not only change our perspective on remote work and remote collaboration, but it also gave rise to numerous innovations in the events sector such as the online hackathon, virtual event platforms, or live-directed webcasts.

So how will the virtual events sector develop in a post-pandemic world? Are people now used to or fed up with virtual events? Will they establish themselves as an alternative to on-site events? Or will they fall back into a marginal existence? Are there event types more suitable to be carried out online? Everyone is invited to join our virtual discussion and networking session “The Future of Virtual Events” on Friday, 4 June 2021 at 4 pm CEST to discuss these and many more questions with experts in the field.

After a brief welcome session with the whole audience, experts and participants will be able to discuss the questions and get to know each other in small groups of 4. After a couple of minutes, the groups will be re-shuffled to allow experts and participants to meet and discuss with many other fellow attendees.

To join the free event, follow this link: https://app.eu.veertly.com/v/future-virtual-events

Please check out our info slide deck for the agenda, the protocol of the discussion and networking, the expert list, and further information.

Please note: for both platforms, Veertly and RemotelyGreen, participants will have to register (free) in order to take part.  This can be done with  few clicks following these links:

  1. https://app.veertly.com/login/register
  2. https://app.remotely.green/login

Date: May 27, 2021
AUTHOR: Hans Baechle
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“Collaboration is key” – great organisational interplay ensures successful facilitation of the Davos Digital Forum 2021 Health Edition

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During his talk at this year’s Davos Digital Forum Health Edition, Dr. Andrea Michael Meyer, Country Lead of Sanofi Switzerland, concisely highlighted one of the most important aspects in the field of medicine: “Collaboration is key.” And as the Davos Digital Forum (DDF), Veertly, and gluoNNet have proven, when it comes to online events, this applies as well. The three organisations joined forces in order to facilitate the Davos Digital Forum’s Health Edition online on 28 January. The DDF team around Dr. Petra Arends-Paltzer and Marcin Zielinski had created once more a versatile programme of keynotes and workshops presented by top-notch speakers, giving insights into the digitalisation of medicine and health care with its cutting-edge technologies as well as its chances and challenges. The talks addressed a wide range of topics, such as digital therapeutics, data ethics, artificial intelligence, med-tech start-ups, and much more. While CureVac CEO Dr. Ingmar Hoerr talked about his company’s pioneer work in Covid-19 vaccination research, Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram gave an inspiring personal account of her work as an entrepreneur in women’s-healthcare applications in Pakistan. After the talks, the presenters answered questions from the audience.

Veertly and gluoNNet were responsible for the event’s technical facilitation. Veertly provided the participants with their virtual event platform, enabling easy access to both live-streams and lively discussions in the platform’s chat rooms. As for DDF’s previous event in September, gluoNNet prepared and directed the live-streams, delivering the audience a slick, TV-grade experience. Up to 200 people were following the two live-streams at the same time. “G’day from Melbourne”, “Good morning from Sao Paolo, Brazil”, “Hello from Frankfurt/ Germany” – people working in digital health connected from all over the globe to see the talks and exchange ideas.


The screenshot shows a gluoNNet-directed workshop on the Veertly event platform – Davos Digital Forum 2021 Health Edition


Given the event’s success, the three organisations are looking into further possibilities to cooperate. “The DDF Health Edition has shown that the interplay between DDF, Veertly, and gluoNNet works fantastically and bears a lot of potential,” says Daniel Dobos, CEO of gluoNNet. “The resonance from the audience was very positive. We already have some ideas regarding future projects and are excited about further collaborations with Veertly and the Davos Digital Forum.”

To re-watch the talks of this year’s Davos Digital Forum Health Edition, check the following link.

Date: Feb 19, 2021
AUTHOR: Hans Baechle

gluoNNet facilitates online webcast for Davos Digital Forum 2020

Conference, Event

On 24 September, the Davos Digital Forum 2020 (DDF) took place online. For the third time, over 30 international experts gave during their workshops insights into the newest developments in digitalisation in fields like smart cities, e-governance, cyber security, (tele) communication, online applications, and more. On top of that, the event included five high-calibre keynotes; among others from André Hoffmann, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Roche Holding Ltd. and Martin Steiger, founder of Steiger Legal.

Usually, the event is held at the Davos Congress centre in Davos, Switzerland. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the hosts decided to hold the DDF’s third edition fully online, counting over 1000 registrations. The experts gave their talks in moderated Cisco Webex video-conferencing events. There, the audience was able to follow the talks and ask questions to the speaker afterward. Additionally, the Webex events were streamed live to Youtube in three parallel streams, each facilitated by gluoNNet. One of the three streams was also broadcast to the DDF Twitter account. Next to setting them up, gluoNNet also conducted the direction of the three streams, giving them a TV-programme-like appearance. “gluoNNet accepted our high demands as a challenge, they are reliable and flexible and came up with innovative solutions.”, says Petra Arends-Paltzer, host and founder of the Davos Digital Forum, “we have greatly appreciated working with gluoNNet, their performance is outstanding and we are already looking forward to further joint projects.” 


You can find the recordings of the three DDF20 streams here:

Davos Digital Forum 2020 – Stream 1: Smart Village (German)

Davos Digital Forum 2020 – Stream 2: Partizipation & Kommunikation (German)

Davos Digital Forum 2020 – Stream 3: Cities of the Future (English)

Date: Oct 30, 2020
AUTHOR: Hans Baechle