Our Vision


Make Complexity Irrelevant


gluoNNet, is a big data enterprise start-up. We work across both nonprofit social enterprises and commercial sectors, providing tools that generate evidence-based analysis to facilitate effective and efficient decision-making.  We have extensive and varied careers, but we share a common passion to produce positive economic and social impact through lasting solutions, aligned with the UN SDGs and the investing community ESG framework.

We deliver Software as a Service (SaaS) which enables high-quality data intelligence and foresight services to the Corporate and the Humanitarian Aid Sector, as well as Social Enterprises that provide diagnostic intelligence to the public & private sector.


Our core mission is to provide transparent and evidence-based analysis when working with structured and unstructured big data. Knowledge transfer between science and industry is at the heart of our company; enhanced by our interdisciplinary team bringing a unique perspective empowering our clients to fast track solutions through agility and speed. Bespoke user-driven diagnostics, enabling the user to interrogate and scenario test their proprietary data against massive public databases.


The technology behind the gluoNNet product is based on CERN technology used for analysing the world’s largest data sets for exploring new and exciting frontiers in particle physics. We provide visual analytics to build intelligence out of complex structured and unstructured data. We use data-mining and machine-learning techniques on big and public data to identify useful information for decision-making.